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Washing my blues away

I may not look like a beach girl, but I am.  I have salt water flowing through my veins. When life becomes a bit difficult or I become weary, I escape to the ocean.  It wasn’t acknowledging another trip around the sun that sent me running this weekend — though some will not believe me.  I needed the salt air and crashing waves to center me as I mourned the passing of a wonderful man that I had the honor of knowing for many years.  He left this Earth way too soon and left behind an amazingly strong wife and two young, beautiful children.  I let the frigidly cold ocean winds wipe away my tears.  While there is much sadness and heartache in this world, we also have so many amazing blessings.  The beach reminds me of this and comforts me once again.


You may remember that I did not make any New Year’s Resolutions, but listed a few wishes instead.  One wish I’ve had FOREVER is to become an all-around better person. After many years of battling depression (with and without meds, with and without therapy), I am discovering that being a better person starts with being a happier person.  When I am happy, I have energy to do more for others.  And I have also discovered that opening my eyes to the little moments and the “common” beauty around me makes me happy.  It makes me even happier to catch one or more of those moments with my camera!  Now, to find a way to share that happiness with others!! I’m working on that one!

Snapshots of a Rainy Day

I’m trying to become comfortable with having my camera with me at ALL times. It really is not easy. There are times when I want to take a shot and I feel uncomfortable by the stares I’m sure to get from bystanders. There are times when I see a shot I really want to capture between my boys and it just is not convenient — while cooking dinner, for example (with hot oil)! Then there are moments when I want to experiment and take shots of very insignificant things but don’t want to be bombarded with questions from my curious children and husband.  But I’m trying to overcome these obstacles.  I know that these images may not WOW you and they may possibly bore you; however, I need to document my efforts so I have a “baseline” to refer to when I’m discouraged or when I feel accomplished.

I don’t exactly know how this post was supposed to go.  As I finished typing the title Luke, the Wild Child, climbed into my lap and threw his arms around my neck. He nestled his head against mine and started humming the dreaded Barney song, “I love you”.  I was about to absently push him from lap so I could continue this post but I had another one of those voices speak to me (I’ve had years of expensive psychotherapy and I STILL hear the voices).  It was a faint whisper, “Enjoy every second. There will be a day that he will not give you his affection so freely”.  As the message seized my heart, I wrapped my arms around him and rocked him as we both sang “I love you, You love me”.  I inhaled the boyish scents of Suave shampoo, fresh dirt, Polo body spray and chocolate waffles. I resisted the overwhelming temptation to kiss his fat cheeks or pinch his scrunched up nose and was rewarded by a huge European MUAHHH on both sides of my face!! The joy I felt in that moment was as great as the joy I felt the second I welcomed Luke into this world.  Moments like these are becoming less frequent these days.  Luke and his brothers are evolving into little men that are too busy to be cuddled and snuggled by me.  So, this afternoon while I’m frantically cooking dinner and helping with homework, refereeing disagreements and soothing budding male egos, I need to remember to enjoy those moments as well. This house will be empty of the sights and sounds of childhood before I know it.

But at least Wayne and I can look back at these images and remember the Wild Things and the Wild Times.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Launch

I truly did not believe I would have an opportunity to participate in this week’s challenge because of the challenging theme. To me, launch brings visions of flight — balloons, rocket ships, fireworks. Nothing I had scheduled for this week. But thanks to my husband and his ingenious knack for bringing adventure to our lives, I had the perfect photo-op for LAUNCH in my own backyard!


In doing “a year in review” for 2011, I decided to dig up some posts from my very first blog — done in 2006.  It seems like a lifetime ago and at times it seems it was a life that belonged to someone else!

The following snippet touched me today because David has driven me to the brink of insanity over the past 3 days.  I have to laugh now at how fearful I was for this child. He has hit puberty full-force at the tender age of 10 and there are no real battle scars to be found as of yet.  Yes, he still misses Christian.  He still gets teary when he visits the cemetery. But he has also learned compassion for others, especially those facing loss or grieving. He has also learned gratitude for having Wayne as “another” Dad.  He is much more mature and self-sufficient than I ever imagined he would be at this point; however, he is more naive and gullible than I ever thought possible for a child of mine!!

From January 2006:

I will be sending David off to kindergarten in 7 months. That thought absolutely terrifies me. I know it is only natural for Moms to be scared and protective of their little ones when they are about to embark on such an adventure, but sometimes I feel it is more than that for me. Since David’s Dad died, I have felt an overwhelming need to shield him from more pain — to try to set his world right again. Believe me, I know in my head that I cannot and should not protect him from “life” — that I need to direct my energies into preparing him for it instead. But in my heart, I feel an injustice was done to him and that feeling is only reinforced when I catch him staring up at the sky with a lot of sadness in his eyes or when I see him hug his Dad’s headstone at the cemetery and hear him whisper “I miss you, Daddy”. I know that David is very happy and loved beyond belief and I know that he loves Wayne as a dad. But I wish David didn’t have to endure the sadness and emptiness that must accompany losing a parent. I wish I could give him a magic shield that would protect him from the fear, confusion and anxiety of entering kindergarten. Maybe I’m the one that needs the magic shield.

And while I claim that “I’m ALWAYS right”, I do believe I nailed it when I stated I was the one in need of a magic shield.  I remember reading this quote by Elizabeth Stone in 2000, during my first pre-natal appointment with my ob-gyn, “Making the decision to have a child is momentous.  It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.”  Awwwww, what a cool sentiment — exactly what I thought.  I guess in this one instance, I was the one that was truly naive!!  I now have 3 pieces of my heart walking around and it is no wonder I often feel like a warped ping-pong ball stuck inside of a perpetual pin ball machine.

I’ve decided  not to air my recent grievances with David’s behavior, because my look back has taught me to be grateful for the amazing child(ren) I have. He has accomplished so much with so many obstacles to overcome. Through it all he has preserved his Dad’s gentle nature while exercising my vocal tendencies (thankfully only when a true need arises).  I also must realize and accept that neither David nor I have control over the hormonal atrocity known as puberty.  But I really do need my magic shield first … and fast.

I know, I know.  I am stalling on my 30-day photo challenge.  The bad habit day has truly frazzled me.  I somehow cannot find the motivation necessary to photograph my Dr. Pepper (but at least it is diet now!), piles of freshly laundered but unfolded clothes (thank goodness my boys are now on Christmas break and thus, laundry duty) and my unkempt, torn, sometimes bitten fingernails (if anyone would like to give me a Christmas gift card for a manicure, I’d be so grateful!).  Somehow, I was inspired by this week’s photo challenge.  I do not like having my picture taken but found the self-portrait aspect very liberating.  And once I lose ??? more pounds, then I plan on doing a series of self-portraits.  Not a New Year resolution, but a much-needed goal — for my health and photographic peace of mind!

So — here I am:

Weekly Photo Challenge: Waiting

‘Tis the season for waiting.  Waiting in lines to buy, buy, buy.  Waiting in lines to see Santa.  Waiting day after day to get to THE day.  My picture shows my boys waiting to see Santa during our trip on the Polar Express.  It was well worth the wait as each child was rewarded with a silver reindeer sleigh bell.  What are YOU waiting for?

Yep, that’s right.  No photographs for the photography challenge today.  I’m procrastinating. It’s a bad habit of mine.  Which is funny, considering that today’s task was to photograph a bad habit.  Nope, not doing it today.  How do photograph doing a picture of nothing??

All joking aside, I’ll continue the challenge on Friday.  I did use the camera today but it was to document special time spent with some awesome family members — no bad habit material to be found there!!!!  Have a great Thanksgiving and see you Friday!

Adventures Abound

Time well spent!

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