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Weekly Photo Challenge: Launch

I truly did not believe I would have an opportunity to participate in this week’s challenge because of the challenging theme. To me, launch brings visions of flight — balloons, rocket ships, fireworks. Nothing I had scheduled for this week. But thanks to my husband and his ingenious knack for bringing adventure to our lives, I had the perfect photo-op for LAUNCH in my own backyard!



The Makings of an Anarchist

Thanks to everyone that has taken the time to comment on the “Off the Beaten Path” post and pictures.  The time spent under the bridge was truly magical and just what I needed.  Disclaimer: No aerosol cans were used during the shoot. And no, you may NOT ask me why my hands are red today!

Fiddle Hands

I am entering this  into the I Heart Faces photo challenge.  The theme this week is hands.



     To view other great photos and to join this photography community, go to I Heart Faces.




Weekly Photo Challenge

WordPress has a weekly photo challenge to inspire bloggers to post something! This week’s theme is FACES and I could not resist posting Luke’s “stinky face” that he makes when smelling something he LIKES!! 

My husband’s shadow

Yes, Luke has grown tired of spending most of his waking hours with me. He now stands at the door around 5 PM and pleads, “Daddy ‘most home? A’most? A’most?”  And once Wayne pulls into the drive, my liberation begins. Today I captured a few shots of Wayne with his little shadow. They were enough to make me a little weepy … or maybe it was the allergens from the newly cut grass. 


What an unbelievable day with my kamikaze sidekick! I won’t bore anyone with the specifics as I took more than enough pictures to keep me grounded in the lessons learned today. The most important is titled above.

Joys of Parenting … somewhat

The search for Luke’s precious blank-blank begins again. The temptation to put that poor blanket out of its’ smelly, sticky misery grows each day. I look in all the usual places – behind the toilet, in the bathtub, behind a dining room curtain, in the darkest and creepiest corner under the stairs.  I growl in frustration as the red-headed terror stomps behind me demanding, “Now Mama, blank-blank, NOWWWWW!”  I try to use reason with this child. “It is your blanket.  YOU should look for it.”  He ignores me, a talent possessed by all four males in this household. I move on to the living room. I stand at the doorway with my hands on my hips and look down to see my three-year-old nemesis mimicking (mocking) me! I growl louder which only encourages Luke to roar back at me.  I tell The Terror that this is my last effort, if the blank-blank is not in the living room he will just have to do without it.  I see a slight smile flicker across his face and settle mischievously in his eyes.  He knows all too well that no one in this house will let him lose his favorite lovey. One couch cushion up and I’m thirty-seven cents richer. I debate my ability to successfully bribe Luke into forgetting about the blue scrap with the new-found coins. Ha, that is pointless as I know I’m more likely to publish a Newberry Medal book than to redirect his attention to anything else.  Clenching my jaw and trying not to utter curse words (which would earn me an entirely different award), I search under cushions two and three. The only treasure to be found there is a long-lost Happy Meal toy that should have found its way to the garbage weeks ago. As I calmly tell my child that it is now time to learn consequences and responsibility, I toss up the last couch cushion. My child hurls himself onto the lumpy, faded couch frame and squeals in delight. Relief and exhaustion wash over me as my sweet boy buries his face in his blank-blank and tells me, “I fine now, Mama.  I fine now.”

Dear Luke

Dear Luke,

Your fierce independence is breathtaking.  Seriously … when you pushed your 4-wheeler to the refrigerator and proceeded to stand on the seat, cup in one hand and the other hand earnestly reaching for the freezer door in an attempt to fix yourself a drink (let me remind you — you are only 25 MONTHS old) — all I could do was hold my breath and pray that you would not learn all about the mechanics of WHEELS the hard way.

God was looking out for us both today.  I was able to coax you down from the vehicle and bullshitted you into letting me get the ice.  Well, God was looking out for you.  Because he let me suffer through your very fierce and loud tantrum that occurred when I poured the juice for you.

My advice to you … enjoy the servitude of your parents and brothers a while longer.  Believe me, the day will come when NONE of us will succumb to your endless requests and you WILL have to do it all on your own.  Just ask Hunter.

Love, Mom