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Song of My Future

I want the melody of my future

  To contain the deep timbre of your chuckle

  And the smooth comfort of your voice

I want the rhythm of my future

  To keep time with the beating of your heart

  And the strokes of your hand over my hair

I want the lyrics of my future

  To repeat the words you whisper in my ear

  And the vows we spoke at the altar

I want the harmony of my future

  To rely on the strength of your arms

  And the devotion conveyed in your shining eyes

I want the song of my future

  To be sung each morning as we open our eyes

  And on the day my soul slips away to Heaven’s gate.


___Eric_Northman____by_NeuralDefektAssignment 2 of this course requires a detailed description of a serial TV character of our choosing.  My character was originally introduced in a series of books that was ultimately made into a television series.  I prefer the literary depiction of this character but based the profile on the serial character as requested.

Physical Description: Tall, muscular and sexy.  A walking/flying 6’4” hunk with bluish green eyes and dirty blonde hair.  His bad boy smirk is a trademark move that enthralls many female viewers.

Gender:  ALL MALE

Age: approximately 1000 years old

Personality: Charismatic, egotistical, well respected and powerful

Ambitions/Desires: “My destiny is to answer to no man.”

Loves: Blood (esp. Fae blood) and Sookie

Believes in: being loyal to the ones he loves

Trusts: Godric, Pam

Fears most: the final death

Fights for: the ones he loves

Hates: The man that massacred his wife and children (Russell Edginton)

Most important event in life up to date: Massacre of his human family/final death of his maker, Godric

Most influenced by: Godric, Sookie

Best friends: Pam, Sookie

Worst enemies: Russell Edginton

Relationship/family: Prior to vampire life, married with six children; has one vampire child, Pam.

Social/Ethnic background: Scandinavian

Occupation: In human life- Viking warrior; Vampire life – Sheriff of Louisiana Area 5, Owner of Fangtasia

Special skills/talents: Vampiric speed, strength and fighting skills enhanced by his age

Flaws: loyal to the ones he loves

Disabilities: suffered a brief bout of amnesia due to a curse

Special quirks: Maintains constant eye contact, enjoys very close physical contact

Style: He is wealthy but dresses casually and sensually.

Name: Eric Northman

TV series: HBO’s True Blood

** artwork courtesy of NeuralDefekt at**