I really think they could be called see glass.  Some of the colors can be found in the eyes of friends and strangers. Just as each of these treasures have their own unique texture that gives clues to their past lives, the eyes do the same for us.  So often the eye color (bright sky blue, deep cornflower blue, whiskey brown or seagrass green) catches our attention, but it’s the subtle glints or shadows that draw us in.  The stories we find in the eyes make us want to grab a mug of hot chocolate and sit with piles of pillows in front of a crackling fire to listen to the joys and disappointments of that person’s entire life.  It entices us to share tears that streak our cheeks and laugh until our stomachs cramp.  We hunger to see the anger flare that tempers our spirit.  This is what I see when I look at my sea/see glass.