I admit it.  I think Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines”  (featuring T.I. and Pharrell) is a fun, catchy dance song.  It makes me move.  It makes me smile.  And watching the video makes me roll my eyes.  I actually give Thicke (and his publicity/marketing team) a lot of credit for finding a way for this song and video to reach millions — naked women.  My husband was able to tell me all about the video (not that there was much to remember or process) but he fell short when it came to reciting the lyrics or even knowing who sang the song.  Of course, if Thicke was truly a marketing genius, he would have included a bit of footage of himself stripping out of that black jacket and white button-down dress shirt.  He could have left his pants on (maybe button undone) and women would have outnumbered the men in the views for the video online.  Look at the amount of money “Magic Mike” made and women were treated with nothing more than a few glistening half-nude dancing men.  With Thicke coming dangerously close to the image of Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades trilogy, that man could easily sell millions of video downloads with a strip-tease “empowering” the topless models prancing around him.  Add in the feminist controversy and it would be the most viewed internet music video of all time.  

The controversy brings me to the lyrics.  Many people do not realize that I have a moderate to severe hearing impairment made worse in the past year by a chronically ruptured ear drum in my good ear.  So, if the music is not very loud and in an enclosed space — I may think I am listening to Chicago when in fact I am listening to the Zac Brown Band.  I was able to catch the “b” word while listening to “Blurred Lines” on my iPad the other day so I am morally responsible enough not to pump up the volume to twenty with the boys around.  After catching a glimpse of a news article about the controversy surrounding this song, I decided to look up the lyrics and figure out whether the song would be censored in my house (around the boys at least).  No need to call CPS.  My sons will not be purchasing, watching or listening to this song at our home within the next several years.  If I choose to purchase the song for my own listening pleasure, it will be discreetly filed with Nine Inch Nail’s “Closer” on my iPad.  

After quickly skimming the lyrics for the first time, I understand how some women could be greatly pissed off by the song.  But then I decided to read the words again, processing the song just as I did the Fifty Shades trilogy.  And when I did that, I found there isn’t much difference in the scenarios presented in the song and those in the books.  The words truly aren’t any cruder.  The nudity is a necessity in both mediums given the subject matter.  There is a very Dominant/submissive vibe with a bit of pain thrown in for sensory stimulation.  The only real difference is that the author of the trilogy was female and the performers of this song are all male.  Put in that context, I am not disturbed by the song any more than I was disturbed by the Fifty Shades books (and countless thousands of similar mommy porn).   But take my opinion for what it is — an opinion from an open-minded female that in my younger days was more entertained at a gentleman’s club than I was at a male revue.  (I had to pay for all my drinks at the male revue while all the Hooter Shooters were generously paid for by the male patrons at the men’s club — therefore, it was cheaper entertainment!)  

Now, I must get to work on that email to Robin Thicke to see if we can make that strip-tease video happen.