I don’t exactly know how this post was supposed to go.  As I finished typing the title Luke, the Wild Child, climbed into my lap and threw his arms around my neck. He nestled his head against mine and started humming the dreaded Barney song, “I love you”.  I was about to absently push him from lap so I could continue this post but I had another one of those voices speak to me (I’ve had years of expensive psychotherapy and I STILL hear the voices).  It was a faint whisper, “Enjoy every second. There will be a day that he will not give you his affection so freely”.  As the message seized my heart, I wrapped my arms around him and rocked him as we both sang “I love you, You love me”.  I inhaled the boyish scents of Suave shampoo, fresh dirt, Polo body spray and chocolate waffles. I resisted the overwhelming temptation to kiss his fat cheeks or pinch his scrunched up nose and was rewarded by a huge European MUAHHH on both sides of my face!! The joy I felt in that moment was as great as the joy I felt the second I welcomed Luke into this world.  Moments like these are becoming less frequent these days.  Luke and his brothers are evolving into little men that are too busy to be cuddled and snuggled by me.  So, this afternoon while I’m frantically cooking dinner and helping with homework, refereeing disagreements and soothing budding male egos, I need to remember to enjoy those moments as well. This house will be empty of the sights and sounds of childhood before I know it.

But at least Wayne and I can look back at these images and remember the Wild Things and the Wild Times.