I know, I know.  I am stalling on my 30-day photo challenge.  The bad habit day has truly frazzled me.  I somehow cannot find the motivation necessary to photograph my Dr. Pepper (but at least it is diet now!), piles of freshly laundered but unfolded clothes (thank goodness my boys are now on Christmas break and thus, laundry duty) and my unkempt, torn, sometimes bitten fingernails (if anyone would like to give me a Christmas gift card for a manicure, I’d be so grateful!).  Somehow, I was inspired by this week’s photo challenge.  I do not like having my picture taken but found the self-portrait aspect very liberating.  And once I lose ??? more pounds, then I plan on doing a series of self-portraits.  Not a New Year resolution, but a much-needed goal — for my health and photographic peace of mind!

So — here I am: