I’m still alive.  I think.  I haven’t touched my camera in 7 days now, so I’m not completely sure I am breathing. I feel the yearning to lose myself in a photographic paradise but many other duties call at the moment.  My oldest son reminds me daily that I need to get back on track with my photo challenge and he finds it very amusing that I left off at the “Bad Habit” pictorial.  I think he is secretly hoping I will ask his input so he can give me a laundry list of my bad habits.  Great kid … want him??

I really do feel out of sorts without camera in hand, but I hope to remedy that during this upcoming family weekend.  We have a weekend full of magical holiday memories planned for the boys.  I think I’m actually afraid I’ll do a lousy job documenting the lights, the smiles, the awe and wonder.  Of course, it wouldn’t hurt for me to partake in a bit of that awe and wonder myself.

Wishing you all a weekend of warmth, family, friends and good times!!