It has been an exhausting day, but a really good one. I almost talked myself out of doing the photo challenge today. When I actually found a few seconds to think about the challenge, I convinced myself that I was just too tired to even pick up the camera. I then made a deal with myself.  If I did a few pics of fruit then I would reward myself by sharing some of the pictures I took during this morning’s off-road adventure photo shoot.  So, without further ado, MY FRUIT:

On a sidenote, my children are getting on board with this 30-day photo challenge.  Hunter, 7, asked me about the theme of the day.  When I explained it was fruit, he whole-heartedly encouraged me to stop at the grocery store and take photographs in the produce section.  I gently refused the notion but asked why he wanted me to do that when he protests the loudest with my ditch pit-stops.  His response was simply, “It would be funny if you got busted by the managers of the store.”  Okay — so much for moral support.

I will now reward myself by working on a few captures from this morning.  If you don’t see another post shortly (within an hour or so), then you will know I have fallen asleep in my husband’s lap.  And truly, after this day, there is no greater reward than that!!