Yes, I have lost my freakin’ mind. Seriously. Today’s photo challenge was to take photos from a low angle.  And I certainly hit an all-time low.  I took my camera into our bathroom and took pictures while sitting on the toilet.  Okay, so I wasn’t “using” the toilet at the time, but to sit there and contemplate subject, lighting and composition is very disturbing.  My boys don’t know I did this because they are already bewildered by my new-found passion. They got to witness my photo shoot in the cotton field.  I considered laying on the ground to get the shot I REALLY wanted, but couldn’t bring myself to do that after I glanced back at the van and saw those 3 curious faces peering back at me.

It is a good thing this is Thanksgiving week.  A day of cooking will hopefully help clear my head and allow me at least one night of restful sleep since I have now taken to dreaming about photo shoots!!  Hopefully, tonight’s dream session won’t occur in the bathroom!