Day 4 of the photography challenge — Photograph something GREEN.  Now, this is a challenge I can work with.  The challenge here was limiting myself to a handful of options and not the most obvious ones.  After completing the assignment, I actually found that I learned the most from this website, All About the Color GREEN.  The true eye-opener is that I need to visit a Reiki master soon to have my Heart Chakra opened.  Apparently, I’ve been living most of my life with a blocked Heart Chakra — and I’m quite pissed that the cardiac catheterization that I had almost two years ago did nothing to detect or resolve it!!

Also, I am well aware that the photos of the Christmas tree lights are bound to cause controversy among the “Before Thanksgiving” decorating enthusiasts and the “Week Before Christmas” decorating procrastinators.  Let me clear up this issue NOW!  Yes, we are partially decorated for Christmas.  From 3 years ago.  Yes, that is right.  I have an artificial tree in the upstairs vanity room that I have not taken down in 3 years!!! I did have to carefully frame my shots so that the wispy cobwebs and dust-covered needles were obscured by the pretty twinkling lights!  Which should make these images award worthy.

And on to my Green Day: