I hear voices in my head. A LOT. I sometimes converse with them or curse them. Sometimes I obey them, like today.  I was driving along a rural road that I’ve driven hundreds of times since high school, completely absorbed in feelings of disappointment, hurt, anger, etc.  You get the picture.  I was having a huge pity party when suddenly THE VOICE (which incidentally did not sound anything like Blake Shelton) told me to pull over onto the side of the road.  I could feel anticipation building as I whisked my mini-van onto a path that was obviously meant for Hummers or Jeeps.  I grimaced at the thought that I would get stuck in the rocky canyon and would sheepishly have to call my husband for rescue.  My 3-year-old was alert enough to start inquiring, “What, Momma? What, Momma? What, Momma?” as I parked and searched for my camera bag.  He threw down his chicken nuggets (don’t judge) when I answered, “Come on, we’re going on an adventure!”  By this time the adrenaline was flowing and I truly had no idea what I was doing or why!!  With a camera in hand (and a McD toy in my son’s hand) we set off down a path that took us under a bridge.  To our delight we found graffiti, lots of it!!  Surrounded not by skyscrapers or slums, but by a beautiful pond.  No, I haven’t been doing drugs and believe me, my Photoshop skills are not even evolved enough to make my child’s eyes POP, much less create the following pictures!  Luke and I spent a wonderful 45 minutes marveling in our find. And after I navigated my Town & Country back onto the road (only skimming the front bumper on a rock), I realized there wasn’t an ounce of pity to be found in my head or heart!!!