I spent the first couple of days of this challenge berating myself for not taking advantage of two amazing photo opportunities.  I really need to break out of my comfort zone and when I see a beautiful/unusual/captivating moment — get out my camera, make introductions and take the shot!!!  Both of these opportunities would have forced me to pull off on the side of the road and ask permission to take the photograph.  I am normally very outspoken and don’t hesitate to talk to strangers.  Somehow, with my photography, I don’t feel I deserve to intrude upon others with my camera since I’m not a “professional”!  How do you handle these situations???

Since I was so down on myself about my failure to capture some spectacular scenes, I almost let another amazing opportunity pass me by!  My favorite local farm, Ray Family Farms, hosted a very informative and fun event for the local chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation JAKES organization.  My boys tried out turkey calls, practiced their archery skills, dug for fossils, ate hot dogs, attempted to shoot skeet and fished.  I thank our hosts for the perfect opportunity to spend true quality time with my family doing the things they all love!  That afternoon also gave me the opportunity to see my boys’ through their Daddy’s eyes!