As a mother of three energetic boys, an autumn weekend offers endless possibilities.

Here in eastern N.C., Saturday was the first day of gun season for deer hunters and for my middle son, that means a dream finally coming true.  Hunter has been talking about this day since he was two years old and claimed to love Santa Claus but wanted to “shoot-shoot his bucks”! Saturday — was it possible that he was finally going to get a big buck of his own? (Sadly, NO! This isn’t the movies, y’all! He did see four does but wants to hold off a little longer to see if he can get a buck first.)

For my oldest and youngest sons, Saturday meant a day full of exploring possibilities at a local farm.

 Is it possible to get milk from WOOD?

And is it possible that being a hamster in a wheel is MUCH harder than it seems?

Is it possible for brothers to fly?

Or maybe to touch the sky?

Is it possible to love riding a pony but still be terrified of chickens?

Is it possible the view is even better from the back of a cow?

And that one can see the world from a cattle train?

Is it possible to lose yourself in corn only to be rescued by the strength of a baby brother’s toe?

I’m not exactly sure. But I do know it is possible to live life by the seat of your pants and experience pure joy and pride at accomplishing so much!

Wishing you a day full of sunshine and possibilities … and someone to share it with!