We hadn’t even been back home from vacation for a full 24 hours and I was ready to take off again! I talked Wayne into a quick trip to the Farmers’ Market to celebrate the official arrival of fall.  What better place to embrace the cooler air and vibrant autumn colors than with the farmers — those responsible for bountiful harvests after a very hot, grueling summer here in the South!!  We certainly weren’t disappointed.  The boys were just as appreciative of the pumpkins and apples as they were of the warm Caribbean water and fresh conch we just left in the Bahamas! Of course it was hard for me to believe that on Friday we were somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean enjoying the warm, tropical ocean breezes while whizzing down water slides in our bathing suits.  And today, we were sporting long sleeve shirts and sweaters with jeans and wishing for cups of hot chocolate (with lots of marshmallows!).  I wish I could capture the true essence of the Farmers’ Market — but I just couldn’t do it justice.