I have been taking an online writing course for the past five weeks. The goal of the class is to have a short creative writing completed at the end of the course (one more week). I have been debating for days now about posting part of my writing piece. 

The pros for posting are: I won’t debate about it any longer.

The cons for posting are:

1. It makes me feel too vulnerable and allows too much insight into me.

2. Some who read it may be affected negatively.

3. It will mean I am truly invested in the piece.

So, without further ado — here it is!! 

When my oldest son was four years old, he perched himself in my lap and stared at my face with immense concentration. I watched his dark chocolate eyes wash over all my features – my eyes that so closely mirrored his own, my petite nose that turned up at the tip, and my lips that easily curved into a proud smile. My breath caught as he brought up his finger and lightly traced the faded, corded scar that defined my right jaw. His touch was so gentle and so warm it brought tears to my eyes before I could barricade my emotions.  I rapidly blinked in a weak attempt to hide the breech but only succeeded in drawing his attention to my damp lashes. “Does it hurt you when I touch your face, Mommy?” my precious child whispered. I quickly shook my head no.  “Will it hurt you to tell me what’s wrong with your face?” he more boldly questioned. And with that I let the tears fall.