I bet there are quite a few folks that would like to write a few hundred words (pages) about my deficiencies, but they will have to limit themselves to my comment box if they want me to read it! Actually, this post is about my Vitamin D deficiency.  My latest blood work has revealed that I have a severe Vitamin D deficiency … one that has required a prescription supplement for six weeks and then I can take a daily over-the-counter vitamin to maintain decent levels.  Shockingly (at least to myself) I have not googled this condition and I have successfully avoided WebMd. Something tells me that even when my levels stabilize, I’m not really going to notice — unless I fall and break my hip in the meantime. And in 15 years when I’m so stooped over that I’m staring at my belly button all day, I’ll wish I had soaked up a lot more sun in my adulthood.  Now that I think about it, I missed the perfect opportunity to pack the family up and move to Hawaii, or at least Florida.  I should have had my wonderful PA-C write a script for “change of scenery that involves lots of sunshine”.  Maybe I can still milk this on our vacation — “Wayne, you need to take care of Luke for the next five hours.  I need to lay in the sun and do nothing all day so my bones will love me more.”  Yeah … my bones might be happy about that but it’s a guarantee that my husband won’t be!!

No sunshine or photography for me today. I’m going to console myself with a dose of Monday Night Football and a slice of cheesecake. I know how to self-medicate!! 

In the spirit of International Talk Like a Pirate Day (and should read Treasure Yer Bones):