I’m a city girl, plain and simple. Don’t ask me how or why, though. I have lived in the country my entire life. As I type this post, I’m sitting by an open window listening to the chirping crickets and looking out at complete darkness.  And while I know how blessed I am to have nature as my neighbor, I do love the lights, noise and action of big cities. (Of course not having to drive 30 minutes to a Starbucks or bookstore and always being able to have food delivered to my doorstep is a HUGE bonus of urban living!) I thrive on the energy of big cities, but know my destiny is to stay in the boondocks. And after today, I *think* I’m okay with that.

My guys and I spent 2 hours at Ray Family Farms today. It wasn’t our first visit there, but it was our longest and most fun. The horse-drawn cart ride was the family favorite and made my 10-year-old yearn for the “olden days” when there were no cars. I admit, I rolled my eyes and silently thought, “yeah, right!”. But he continued talking about (lecturing) how much better the environment would be without the pollution and how no one would have to gripe about gas prices. He also informed us that horse shit is good for the soil and that’s when I tuned out. (Somehow boys can make any conversation turn to bodily functions at some point.) While watching the boys grinding corn for chicken feed and observing them petting and loving on the horses, I knew that the country is where I need to raise my boys. They enjoy doing the city scene with me, but sprinting down sidewalks and figuring out Metro schedules never gives them the glow they get when visiting the farm or playing in our woods. And while they own PSP’s and Nintendos, they are at their boyish bests when building forts in the yard or battling my parents’ rooster.

And since my boys are where they need to be and my husband is where he wants to be, then I’m exactly where I’m suppose to be. Maybe my 10-year-old will someday open a Starbucks nearby and every autumn morning have an employee deliver on a horse-drawn cart my favorite venti Pumpkin Spice latte. I’d be happy to add a hitchin’ post out front.