You ever had one of those days when everything is clogging together in your brain and you don’t know an effective and efficient way to let it all out??  No? Yes? Maybe?  Exactly! 

While life is still good at the ol’ country home, it has been a bit more stressful this week and it is really taking its toll on me today.  Hunterman just returned to school today after being absent the past 3 days with a respiratory virus. David is having growing pains (not the physical kind) and they are truly becoming a PITA for me. It is not exactly soothing to  hear myself repeat the EXACT SAME LECTURES I heard from my parents from 4th thru 11th grade.  Thankfully for all of us, I finally GOT IT my senior year.  I’m hoping that since David is a much brighter and much more rational human being than I that he will GET IT by the end of fall break ’cause that’s how long he is currently grounded.  And I really don’t think there is much that stresses me more than harshly disciplining my boys. But on top of that we have baseball games this weekend, remodeling of the house continues, my very own homework assignments to complete and preparations for our upcoming vacation need to be made. All of this “stuff” is clogging my brain and draining my creative juices (the little I had recently found!). Do they make brain drano?  No — I don’t want alcohol or drugs, they may take away the pain but they won’t help me accomplish anything on my multi-page list. But then again in my lame effort to “meditate” Dana-style, I plan on cooking a feast tonight. Which just adds to the clog.  You get the picture, I hope. Because I haven’t taken one today.