In the past two weeks, I have spent many hours taking pictures, uploading, editing, re-editing, deleting, scrutinizing and printing photos. I have had a handful of good photos, but nothing great. I have spent an equal amount of time asking myself if I have the creativity, technical ability, and patience to become a really good photographer.  But I’m not sure being a really good photographer is my goal. I just want to take cool pictures that I enjoy looking at and that mean something to me.  Of course, it is always a bonus if I touch someone else with my “work”!

If you have hours or even days to waste, then you need to make your way to It is free and you have to fill out a short profile form (name, birthdate, email) but it is quite spectacular in that once you choose your “interests”, StumbleUpon will take you on a virtual journey through the internet showing you sites that WILL interest you!  As you look at each page, you can like or dislike each selection which helps StumbleUpon be more accurate in the results they choose for you.  I was completely in awe at the photography sites StumbleUpon delivered to me on a silver platter (with chocolate covered strawberries and a great glass of champagne).  And I’m forever in debt for the door it opened to the Sistine Chapel — I almost left the site to book a 2 week tour of Italy but was just too anxious to see what deliciousness StumbleUpon would dish up next.  Now, I didn’t necessarily love every site sent my way, but every site did allow me to dialogue with myself (and with David)  on what is ART? Forcing me to answer that question for myself is more important than just staring at a beautiful picture. It also forces me to appreciate the effort and passion that all artists put into their work, whether I like the end result or not. 

If you StumbleUpon something really cool, really beautiful or even really controversial — be sure to let me know about it.  It would be nice to have a dialogue with someone other than myself (and David is usually too busy to indulge my “deep” conversations!).

And now MY art for the morning … a chair and our cat, Patches!