Yes, the NC State Fair is just around the corner.  I can already smell the roasted turkey legs and cinnamon funnel cakes (none of that deep-fried surprise crap for me!). Mix the smell of decadent foods with that of  the farm fresh hogs and cows and the heavy diesel fumes of the monster trucks and tractors and you have the sensory delight of the fair. Takes me back to the days of my youth and ….. well, that is the subject of a past post.  Today’s title and post actually have nothing to do with the fair or an amusement park.  Although I guess there is some amusement to be found in the emotional stylings of my two oldest boys.  The Super Loop is Hunter, who is all of seven years and 15 days old. His emotions swing back and forth, up and down, slow and fast. What you see is what you get with this child. His eyes and mouth give you a blow-by-blow description of how he feels and why he feels that way.  And he lives in a land of superlatives.  Everything is either “the best” or “the worst”. One minute I’m the “meanest” and the next second I’m the “sweetest”. (Of course I don’t mind that so much when he tells his Dad that Mommy is the “best driver” and that Dad is the “worst driver”! Just seeing Wayne’s reaction ALMOST makes the ride on Hunter’s rollercoaster worth it!) I am seriously contemplating drama classes for Hunter because of his unnatural ability to cry a river and laugh hysterically at the same time. He’s not ashamed to admit that he can bring on the tears to help his cause by “thinking of something very sad”.  I haven’t bothered asking him what can make him laugh like a jackass on steroids, because honestly, I’m sure it involves a vision of me.  You would think that dealing with Hunter’s emotional somersaults would make me extremely grateful for David’s laid back attitude. Have you ever watched the Swings at the fair?  The swings always go one speed (I’m talking about the super slow ones by the way) and always go one height (not too high, not too low).  The swings never get out of control or spin unnecessarily. You never hear squeals of laughter from the riders and if you look carefully some riders appear almost hypnotized by the easy lullaby of the swings.  That is David. In times of great excitement and moments of heart wrenching sadness, David is outwardly as soothing as the swings or a child’s merry-go-round. Only after days or weeks of extreme duress do I see a breach in his emotional fortress … and then the dam breaks forth and I’m covered in tears or as the case was tonight, vomit. It seems that my child is immensely stressed over school work and a “tween-age” crush and his carefully structured defenses crumbled tonight after getting reamed out by yours truly. Actually he has been getting a huge dose of “Mom Gone Mad” for the past week because of mental lapses that have negatively affected his school work.  And while I do feel twinges of guilt (now that I am over the fact that David made my brand new cream-colored carpet look like strawberry puree), I think tonight was necessary so that David could see the physical manifestation of what happens when you don’t learn to express  yourself. I’m hoping that he will hop off the swings and take an easy stroll to the Ferris Wheel.  At least it is in closer proximity to the Super Loop and I can keep my eye on both boys at the same time.

Oh, and what about Luke, you ask??  Right now he and I are in the bumper cars!