Have I mentioned how much I love being a Mom to all boys??  It takes every ounce of my willpower not to roll my eyes or make a snarky comment to the numerous “Poor thing”, “You have your hands full”, and my least favorite “When are you having a girl?” comments I receive almost daily.  Granted, I probably look stressed, exhausted, run-down and half-crazed when seen out in public with the three dudes. But I look that bad at home when I’m all alone (and actually worse when I am with Luke one-on-one!).  A lot of women don’t seem to believe me when I tell them that I love the numerous baseball games, tales of fearsome dragons, rooms of hunting equipment and clothes that smell of sweat, grit and pure testosterone!!  As much as I tried to be prissy growing up, I always wanted to be out climbing trees, playing with remote control cars and talking sports to anyone that would listen. I know how to buy Barbies and delicate little dresses, but I don’t know how to raise a princess!!

 Someone once joked that I would never be happy with just one male … they were so right!  My life is complete with my four guys and the energy I must devote to keeping them all happy! Besides, it takes 4 males worth of testosterone to balance out my estrogen levels!!