2-09 Hard Habit to Break

I hope that my theory is correct because I don’t like the alternative if it’s not.  It would mean that my husband is right and I’m wrong, which never happens. Well, not twice in one month. 

I was recently accused of “holding onto the past” because I admitted that certain songs and scents immerse me in memories, some good and some not so great.  SOMEONE seems to think there is a delete button that can be applied to the past so that no one has to be haunted by the images of yesteryear. As if being shifted back 20-25 years to a time of fluctuating hormones, emotional heart breaks, and big hair is my idea of fun!! Granted, the scent of original Polo can still make me weak in the knees and that is not an entirely despicable feeling; however, I don’t just sit around reminiscing about the past and trying to fan the flames of old loves. My new loves keep me entirely too busy and distracted for that!! HE claims that Lionel Richie, Guns ‘n Roses, Chicago, AC/DC, etc. means nothing more to him now than good music.  Tendrils of perfume, fruity shampoos,and sensually-inspired candles bring no twinge of long ago lust/love and supposedly only bring him enjoyment in the here and now.  So, I am counting on my female friends to support my claim that this must be a MAN vs. WOMAN anomaly. It is my hypothesis that women are very attuned to the details of life (such as sound and smell) and those details are naturally embedded into our brains during important interactions or events. And men, well — most men just are not built that way. Not that I wouldn’t be pleasantly surprised to learn that my male friends do have some access to some nuances of their past life. (But one word of caution if you are one of the guys that can do this — NEVER say “Sweetie, that perfume smelled so much better on my former fiance!”)

So, are there certain songs and/or scents that transport you back in time involuntarily??  I hope so, but in case I am indeed wrong — I’m headed to the wine store.