Today’s park play date was one of the best … ever. Well, except for the terrifying (& liberating) realization that my children are growing up.  Yeah, even Luke. To watch David and Hunter talking, laughing, exploring and playing with their best friends of 6 years made me all warm and fuzzy inside.  And I’m not a warm and fuzzy type person. When David and Adam first spoke to each other and forged their ironclad friendship, they were only five years old. And their friendship brought Hunter and Casey together, as Casey is Adam’s younger sister. Most days Hunter and Casey aren’t sure if they are boyfriend/girlfriend but there is NEVER a doubt that they are BFF’s.  They have been li’l soul mates since they were only 2 years old. And the youngest two of our crew, Brian and Luke, have been a part of this awesome group basically since they were born! Their friendships are a shining example of how all relationships should be — they talk through their differences, they laugh with each other and they always offer a helping hand to one another when in need. The harmony of this group always amazes me.  If these children, no more than 10 years old, can get it right — why can’t adults? 

Enough preaching — in our two hours together, we experienced a lifetime of adventure.  See for yourself!