Apparently my Muse only visits me once a year. And she apparently only likes to visit in the summer. But maybe she only wishes to talk to me after I’ve enjoyed some time at the beach and refreshed my spirit. I imagine that my brain and creative soul get crowded with piles of crumpled and ink-stained “papers” that I’ve tossed out when the thoughts and images aren’t pleasing enough to put to real paper. I do hope this year is different. I’ve examined my life and found so much to be grateful for – a home, the world’s best children (and Luke), the most awesome husband, and very caring/giving parents.  What I realized after this assessment was that I wasn’t thankful or happy about ME. Externally life is just peachy. Internally I have a helluva way to go before I reach that gratefully blessed benchmark. So beware — I’m now wielding my two weapons of choice (words and camera) and I’m ready to battle for my creative soul!!  I’m determined to use this blog as my battlefield and give an intimate if not bloody account of this war!  May the best Dana win!