Dear Luke,

Your fierce independence is breathtaking.  Seriously … when you pushed your 4-wheeler to the refrigerator and proceeded to stand on the seat, cup in one hand and the other hand earnestly reaching for the freezer door in an attempt to fix yourself a drink (let me remind you — you are only 25 MONTHS old) — all I could do was hold my breath and pray that you would not learn all about the mechanics of WHEELS the hard way.

God was looking out for us both today.  I was able to coax you down from the vehicle and bullshitted you into letting me get the ice.  Well, God was looking out for you.  Because he let me suffer through your very fierce and loud tantrum that occurred when I poured the juice for you.

My advice to you … enjoy the servitude of your parents and brothers a while longer.  Believe me, the day will come when NONE of us will succumb to your endless requests and you WILL have to do it all on your own.  Just ask Hunter.

Love, Mom