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In Time


Hallowed heart withdrawn

Grief steeping in lonely flesh

Her tears of sorrow stolen

Time tattoos the pain

In solace, she will strengthen

But shall never love again


Written as a Sedoka

Photo found on Pinterest; no source given

Turquoise Essence

mystic blue

I taste the pain of midnight’s melancholy tears

Savoring the lessons of hard lived years

I utter wishes upon the glimmering stars

Healing with your touch upon my scars

I peer into the mystic blue

Breathing in the magic of you


*Artwork on Pinterest, artistic source unknown

Out of Focus



I inhale the colors

Wishing to savor their moods

And drink them as my own


I finger the scents

Wishing to caress their beauty

And live them as my own


*Pinterest image, source unknown

Stepping Stones

Surrounded by memories of us

I soon give chase to forgotten dreams

Using yesterday’s tears as stepping stones

I race to the moon for a chance to feel your embrace


stepping stones

*tumblr image, source unknown

Destiny’s Dune




Molded by undiscerning time

Shifted by volatile moods

Blown by careless thoughts

Soothed by moonlit caresses

Imprinted by love lost and gained

I possess the power of a grain of sand


*Google image, source unknown

Sea Me

I have spent too much time contemplating my love for the ocean.  I have sifted through hundreds of adjectives that encompass the smells, sounds, tastes, sights and touches of my beloved sea and yet, I still fail to capture its essence. The tides mesmerize me. The timeless journey of the sun from breathtaking sunrise to stunning sunset amazes me every day. The infinite diamonds that adorn the Atlantic waters beckons my piratical ancestry. And that breeze, the seductive caress of Poseidon’s mythological breath seizes my imagination. This place is my home, not in physical address, but in the pounding surf of my life’s blood.


ocean reflections

*Photo courtesy of Neos Design


Her mask of black and white

Carefully applied to deceptively hide

The darkness that gives most fright


In truth, the onyx paint reveals

Stunning allure to a beauty so pure

The darkness is what most appeals


*Pinterest image, source unknown

Tears of Hope


Watching a wish take flight

Whispers of hope

Sailing in the twilight

Sorrow’s dew hitches a ride

Nature’s beauty cannot be denied


*Photograph courtesy of Lynn Langmade Fine Art Photography

Saline Dreams

Oceanic art

Seize saline dreams

As azure blue captures your soul

Seize saline dreams

As Luna pulls tides to extremes

Sirens tease and taunt your control

Beacons guide you around the shoals

Seize saline dreams


*Artwork courtesy of Samantha Keely Smith

*Written using the Rondelet poetry form

Down the Rabbit Hole

I watched my man-child at baseball practice tonight. His lanky body deceives the power he keeps coiled in his developing muscles. No one expects the huge hits and long-range missile throws from this slender, mild-mannered teen.  When he breaks out his shy, dimpled smile, one cannot help but adore him. His size easily intimidates his smaller teammates (and possibly coaches) until he quietly engages in conversation with a witty, if not goofy, reply. Like me, they do a double-take before laughing in surprise and delight. In many ways, he is still my cherub of a toddler … after imbibing the Wonderland potion, making him a giant among boys, in heart and body.


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